Monday, November 19, 2012

Muy Guapo in Longhorn Pajamas!

Spirit! Motivation!
Truly fashionable Horns!
Excited to kickoff the rebirth of this blog with something entirely not fashionable - sweatpants! I've owned a nice pair of Texas pajamas for many years and while my husband isn't a Longhorns fan, I thought it would be cute if we could get some sort of cohesive outfits for Saturday mornings while I'm glued to the TV.

So I had seen recently that a site called Longhorn Planet was doing some product giveaways in exchange for reviews so I figured I'd ask for a pair of Texas sweatpants for Randy. Sure enough, they came through with a nice fluffy pair - check them out -

I love the burnt orange look and they go really well with my pajamas. They ran a little big (I got a large) but hopefully they shrink down a little bit, which in my experience sweatpants usually do.

Regardless, he likes them and says they're extremely comfortable. The fleece material is very warm as well, which is nice for a cool Fall morning. I had a great experience with Longhorn Planet and definitely recommend them and their products!